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Does love fall into our laps? Or are we in search of it?


I am writing a book about love, romance.  I love the way I have my characters view love, fate, the one person that is made for us.  But do we actually believe that there is that special someone?  Do I believe in it?  I lean towards both, yes and no.  Reason, I am married, my husband and I can finish each others sentence, and at the exact same moment we will say the exact same thing in the same tone.  Sometimes it’s spooky.  We both love sports and are very competitive people.  But does this make him my soul mate?  What does?

I have one of my characters waiting for the right person to come along.  Whether looking for it or not, this character will now, or so she thinks. But she is placed as a romantic.  My other character has seen his family fall apart, therefore, to him love is just an over worked job.  But, yes I did say but, after all it is a love story I am writing.  He does find the emotions and feelings inside that twist and hurt when the one he loves faces a life threatening accident.

I am interested to hear your thoughts on this subject.  Are you a believer? Why or why not?

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