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Sex, love, and phone numbers you don’t know…..

I had a friend last month, well she’s still my friend, but last month she brought up to me how odd her cousin reacted to his wife when a number came up on his phone.

It all started with laughter, visiting with family, he has his arm around his girl, kissing the side of her temple suddenly he feels a buzzing vibration going off in his pant pocket.  He pulls the phone out, takes one look, gets up to leave.  Now, he held the phone out far enough for her to see, but it was a number she didn’t know nor did it have a name like it was a person in his contacts.  So what does she do?  He is cuddling and kissing one moment only to be ruined by the phone.

So as if I am an expert my friend wants to know what I think.  I say she has every right to ask her husband, why worry just ask him who it was.  But what if he is lying?  Shit, I thought.  I guess if you can’t have an adult conversation with your spouse then maybe you shouldn’t be together.

I know there are people who hold things in and would just like to work it out in their heads, others need to be vocal.  That’s me, I speak whatever is on my mind.  Sometimes I’m called a pain, but I don’t care.  As Shrek would say, “Better to let it out then keep it in.”  I agree my friend.

What do you all think?


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