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Who needs saving? Sometimes it’s the hero.

Many of us pass others on the side walk, in the neighborhood, or we sit next to them on the train.  We have no idea what is going on in their lives.  You try to guess…perhaps by the clothes they are wearing, appearance is a huge factor. How are they with others around?  Quiet, happy, helpful?  Some may never want to be saved, living the way they have been for so long actually seems normal, it’s their way of life.  We all want to help but how?

As for my character he actually saves lives.  He doesn’t see the weak and harmed, they come to him.  He doesn’t love, he doesn’t show passion, he just heals.  Until…that is…Amanda is brought to his hospital, a life threatening accident.  Even though Amanda is in a coma she brings out the best in Dr. Ayden Graham.  All it took was one light, one eye to show life was still ticking behind what look the worst.

Dr. Ayden Graham read, spoke, and even sang to his patient, his true meaning of saving of a life meant more than just a scalpel and sutures.  It was more, much more, for it was his life that was being saved and he was beginning to realize that.

Now that Amanda is saving his life, can he save hers?

#AnAccidentalLove  coming soon


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