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Where is Mr. Darcy?

I don’t know if any of you have read or seen one of the many motion pictures of ‘Pride and Prejudice’  but it surly is one of my favorites.

Do we hope in finding our Mr. Darcy one day?  Well for my character she does.  Amanda teaches literature at an Art school.  Shakespeare and Mr.Darcy.  She is young, not gorgeous but average looking, very sweet and loving.  However, being picky about the one she wants to spend her life with might take longer than she thinks, or does it.

Amanda attends a weekend party out of town at a friends cabin to celebrate the 4th of July.  She finds friendship but no Mr. Darcy.  For Amanda she may never live to see her Mr. Darcy when traveling home an oncoming car crosses the middle line and hits her head on.

While in a coma, Amanda can hear everything in the room.  Especially one voice particular, that calms her.  Is this her Mr. Darcy?  She can hear him speak to her until one day his voice is lost, this causes a panic in Amanda’s beat up body to bring her heart rate up and a clot in her left temporal to erupt.  The next noise she hears is a long high pitch sound and then nothing.

Dr. Ayden Graham is the most eligible bachelor in Minneapolis, for the poor women in that city though, he is not looking for love.  Love is not something he wants nor admires.  Until a young women wakens emotions inside causing his heart to burn and stomach to twist when ever he is around his patient.  His only goal now is to save her.  He spends every devoted minute at her side, reading, talking, even singing to her.  But when he leaves her side for one split second to only return to hear a flat line, his life he realizes just shattered.

Dr. Graham must save her life.  He needs her to survive, he needs her to wake up, he needs to tell her he loves her.

Can both these lives be saved?  One physically and the other emotionally.

#AnAccidentalLove  coming soon


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