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Can we kill off the main character in a Romance novel?

I have been sitting on my book for the last week staring at the screen.  I have just a few chapters left until I say the final fair well, “The End”  However, I am undecided how I want this to end.  Happy or upsetting.

I could go the route that every romance novel does…. they lived happily ever after.  This would make the reader pleased and their mind at ease, knowing the character’s got what they wanted and lived, lived happily in love.


I could make the reader hate me, throw the book across the room screaming “Why! Why did you kill her/him!”  It would be very exciting. I mean Romeo died but then again Juliet did too.  However, I wouldn’t kill both, just one.  Honestly, my mind is racing, both ending’s are terrific, just undecided.

How would you like to see the ending?


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