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An Accidental Love

This is my last class for today and I can tell I have no one’s attention.

“OK everyone, I’ll end early today.  Go on, get out of here.  Be safe, and Happy fourth!”  I hear many excited sighs, and rushed eager bodies to get out of the classroom.

“Thanks Miss Wells.  Enjoy your weekend as well.”  An older student returns.

“Thank you.”  I respond back to my thoughtful student.

My car is packed and I am off in my bug.  I love my little black beetle.  I drive a very cool Volkswagen convertible beetle car.  Interior all white, leather white seats, and a soft top, with a click of a button the top folds itself back into a little compartment behind the second seats.  The top is down now with the weather playing nice, stereo blaring ‘Summer of ‘69’ by Bryan Adams.  Finally arriving at my destination, I can hear the loud laughter and yells of conversations going on from the front of the cabin.

Relaxing on my floating device, enjoying the time off, I’m jolted out of my own world.

“Hey Amanda, you look deep in thought.  What are you thinking about?” Says Anna swimming up to rest her elbows on my inner tube.

“Are you not happy?” (well that didn’t work) she asks, scrunching her eye brows together.

“No, no that’s not it at all.  I’m perfectly happy. Doing what I love, living where I love.  I’m young, I’ve got plenty of time to find love.”  I confirm

“Well I wasn’t talking about you finding love. Is this what you’re so deep in thought about?”  I just gaze off, no comment from me.

“OK, sweetheart I’ll back off.  But we all know you landed your dream job.  Talking about two men you love most is truly a great job. Don’t worry honey, one day Mr. Darcy will walk into your life.”  She teased quickly before swimming under the tube so I couldn’t dunk her.

“That’s a cheap blow Anna!  You’re like a pair of twisted undies that crawl up my butt.  Annoying!” I yell at her laughing as soon as she pops up.

“I like that you compared me to your underwear.  This way I know I’m under your skin.”  She slaps back with a splash of water.

“That’s a little too close to my skin, Anna.”  We both are laughing so hard she is having a hard time staying above water.

#AnAccidentalLove  coming soon


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