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As promised.

Sorry everyone, I have been very busy this summer running around with kids, and I joined this nano writing camp.  Let’s just say I’ve been getting more writing done then I normally would have if I wasn’t doing this camp, so it is a good thing. Yet, another reason I have been busy and don’t forget saving much needed time for the hubby.

In my last message/blog I did say I would leave you all with a taste of An Accidental Love.  Here you go.  #AN Accidental Love

Meet Dr. Ayden Graham

Being single at the age of 32 and already chief at a very respected hospital.  Graduated top of my class with highest honors at a very young age, hence the reason I am already at the top in my field.  I am an only child, grew up reading books and loved science.  My parents are divorced, my wonderful father in which I tend to avoid has a new lady every month.  A successful business man with money to blow on women.  Makes him happy but I want nothing to do with it being most of the women hit on me and only use my father for his money.  What bothers me most is my father knows these women use him, yet, he just shrugs his shoulders. My mother isn’t much better; however, I do love her dearly and only want her happy.  She is on her third marriage and this one is even a bigger douche than her last.  My mother and I are close, we have a good relationship.

My parents are quite lucky in the gene pool, in other words, handsome people at which I am told I got the best genes.

The city Gossip says, ‘I am the most gorgeous eligible bachelor in the city.’   Though I may not have the best relationship status, ok, let’s say I have none.  I haven’t had a girlfriend since high school.  We broke up because I was too focused on my career.  I never bring a date or even a lady friend to events, charity’s, or family functions- not that there’s to many of those.  But being tall, over six feet, beautiful green eyes, golden dirty blonde hair that swipes across my perfect forehead (of course I am reading to you what the column says).  Don’t get me started on my body…. “man, this guy takes care of his shit.” Quote, unquote the article.  ‘Well he is a Doctor, but I mean he is built to perfection.  Tall, lean, strong, and sexy as hell.’  Once again words of a journalist.

Let my day begin.  I am off to the hospital.

#An Accidental Love


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