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‘EXCERPT’ An Accidental Love

“Good Lord!  Are you guys planning on pissing people off or just taking them out?”  I can’t believe they are going to whip soaked balls at the people on the boat. These balls are not small, they are foam size soccer balls.  The trick is to dunk the ball under water so it’s soaked and when you hit someone with it, it really hurts, practically knocks you over!

“Hey, the other year some people were throwing frozen popsicles.  That shit hurts!  I took one right to the eye and it isn’t going to happen again.”  Jeremy means business, I don’t think I even want to be out here for the parade.

“Anna! Do they always act this crazy?  I’m even getting a little scared.”  I turn to Anna as she walks down the path.

“Girl, you have no idea.  Last year was way out of control, that one guy jumped off his boat to come after them.  But the guys’ wife threw him a life preserver and hit him in the head with it.  Pretty funny actually, but also scary, because the guy was already intoxicated and then being hit in the head, well…. let’s just say a buddy had to jump off and help him.  So, I’m guessing this guy and his friends are coming back and coming back with a vengeance this year.”  Her eyes wide filled with excitement.

“Sweet Jesus!  I will just be hiding from all this.  Sounds dangerous.” I’m a wimp, so I will opt out. Jeremy is walking up to us holding a ball and a gun.

“So, girls what do you want?”  He holds up his hands, “The balls or the gun?  I know they are both hard to handle but a lot of fun to play with.”  He laughs and winks at us.  Jeremy is a good time and very handsome but he is no Mr. Darcy.   Anna grabs the gun, so Jeremy hands me the balls.

“Amanda gets those wet so they splatter when they hit the target.”  He winks.  Anna nudges my side.

“I think he may like you, he only winks at you and if you watch he will find a way to see if you’re looking at him.”

“Jeremy and I have been friends for a long time, trust me he is not looking at me that way.  Besides, I don’t look  or think of him that way either.”

“Oh yeah, I forgot you’re looking for Romeo.  Romeo oh Romeo where are you.”  She starts shouting.

I turn over to the guys just in time to see Jeremy staring at me, our eyes meet and he winks once more.


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