About ME!!!

About Samantha.

I will give ten maybe more facts about myself, if you so care to read them I hope you find something we may have in common.

  1.  I have a weird husband but that’s fine because he’s hot!
  2. I think pick up trucks are sexy! The bigger the better!
  3. I drive not one but two pick up trucks
  4. I prefer dogs over cats-I’m allergic
  5. I have 3 dogs, named Larry, Curly, and Moe. No just one is named Moe
  6. I love flavored beer
  7. I have 3 devils, I mean children
  8. I live in a beautiful state in the US
  9. I love, love to read
  10. I believe laughter is the best medicine
  11. I don’t color in the lines! Hehe
  12. Sitting around a bonfire with a beer in my hand the water from the lake splashing, the sky lite up from the moon shining as my guide…Damn that’s life right there.  I love it!

Ok that’s enough about me.