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A Thank you to so many

Well, I can wipe the sweat off my forehead.  Finally, I am able to sit back, let the air out of my lungs.  Trust me when I say, that I have been holding the air in for a while.

Most of you bloggers have no idea what an impact you are for someone like me, just starting off, lost in this world of writing, have no idea what is out there, who to turn too, what to do next.  I appreciate all the posts that have been helping guides for beginning authors.  I went to a lot of sites that many of you post reading how to do this or that. 

 My book is short, a romance.  Definitely not perfect, but to me it’s an accomplishment whether anyone buys it or not.  I did it!  I say that  with the biggest smile!

I will be adding a facebook page as well, come visit me there. @Samantha scott

If you decide to check out An Accidental Love, please let me know what you think, good or bad, it’s the only way I will improve.  I have also started a new series, very excited for this. Look for upcoming posts on that but for now, THANK YOU BLOGGERS, YOU ALL ROCK!  Now go read!

An Accidental Love can be found in iBooks, amazonkindle, smashwords, and B&N nook

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Final stages

Good Morning Everyone,

I am in the final stages with editing, proof reading.  I find it hard to realize I must let go of my characters and begin new ones.   I will reveal the cover next week.  I wanted a cover that would pop out but also one that fits the story.  I hope this cover says both. (fingers crossed)  Well, back to the grind so this book can make its way to the readers.

#amwriting #amediting

authors, books, contemporary fiction, love, readers, relationships, romance, soulmates, writers

A short teaser for you all

Here is a short, very short excerpt for you all.  Is Jeremy her Mr. Darcy?  Book coming soon.  #AN Accidental Love

Startled by a voice.

“Who doesn’t know poetry?”  Of course, it’s Jeremy giving me a quizzical look.

“Shit! Jeremy, you scared me.  I was just thinking of a guy and about poetry.  That’s all.   Do you recite poetry at all Jeremy?”  I’m curious so why not ask.

“Poetry’s for pansies.  Sorry Manz didn’t mean to kill your subject, but no, I don’t do poetry.”  He kisses my temple, wraps his arm around my waist and pulls me in for a great big hug.  God, he does give great hugs.  He is so much larger than I, the warmth he sends out, the protective hug.  Shake out of it, it’s just a hug.  However, I do enjoy his hug a bit longer.  I feel his mouth move close to my ear.

“Let’s go kick some parade ass!”  He says and the moment is gone.  Yep, it’s official he and I could never be.