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A beautiful, tragic love story

In this book, An Accidental Love, so many emotions occur twirling our minds, our hearts into over drive.  Close to reality it can hit home and maybe to some it has.  When I wrote this, I wrote it in fear that one day I would be woken to a police officer at my door, delivering the most unbearable news ever.  My husband hit by a drunk driver.  This happens, it’s true.  People drive while under the influence and lives are taken.  My story, is happy filled with anger, hope, and courage.  We all find strength and ask God for help. This book I hope delivers a warm feeling to my readers. It is at a lower price in Amazon Kindle, iBooks, And Smashwords.  Leave a comment I’d love to know how this related to you or made you feel.  Thank you everyone!  An Accidental Love, get your hands on it!

authors, books, contemporary fiction, love, readers, romance, soulmates, wonderlust, writers, young adult

‘EXCERPT’ An Accidental Love

“Good Lord!  Are you guys planning on pissing people off or just taking them out?”  I can’t believe they are going to whip soaked balls at the people on the boat. These balls are not small, they are foam size soccer balls.  The trick is to dunk the ball under water so it’s soaked and when you hit someone with it, it really hurts, practically knocks you over!

“Hey, the other year some people were throwing frozen popsicles.  That shit hurts!  I took one right to the eye and it isn’t going to happen again.”  Jeremy means business, I don’t think I even want to be out here for the parade.

“Anna! Do they always act this crazy?  I’m even getting a little scared.”  I turn to Anna as she walks down the path.

“Girl, you have no idea.  Last year was way out of control, that one guy jumped off his boat to come after them.  But the guys’ wife threw him a life preserver and hit him in the head with it.  Pretty funny actually, but also scary, because the guy was already intoxicated and then being hit in the head, well…. let’s just say a buddy had to jump off and help him.  So, I’m guessing this guy and his friends are coming back and coming back with a vengeance this year.”  Her eyes wide filled with excitement.

“Sweet Jesus!  I will just be hiding from all this.  Sounds dangerous.” I’m a wimp, so I will opt out. Jeremy is walking up to us holding a ball and a gun.

“So, girls what do you want?”  He holds up his hands, “The balls or the gun?  I know they are both hard to handle but a lot of fun to play with.”  He laughs and winks at us.  Jeremy is a good time and very handsome but he is no Mr. Darcy.   Anna grabs the gun, so Jeremy hands me the balls.

“Amanda gets those wet so they splatter when they hit the target.”  He winks.  Anna nudges my side.

“I think he may like you, he only winks at you and if you watch he will find a way to see if you’re looking at him.”

“Jeremy and I have been friends for a long time, trust me he is not looking at me that way.  Besides, I don’t look  or think of him that way either.”

“Oh yeah, I forgot you’re looking for Romeo.  Romeo oh Romeo where are you.”  She starts shouting.

I turn over to the guys just in time to see Jeremy staring at me, our eyes meet and he winks once more.

authors, books, contemporary fiction, love, readers, romance, wonderlust, writers, young adult

As promised.

Sorry everyone, I have been very busy this summer running around with kids, and I joined this nano writing camp.  Let’s just say I’ve been getting more writing done then I normally would have if I wasn’t doing this camp, so it is a good thing. Yet, another reason I have been busy and don’t forget saving much needed time for the hubby.

In my last message/blog I did say I would leave you all with a taste of An Accidental Love.  Here you go.  #AN Accidental Love

Meet Dr. Ayden Graham

Being single at the age of 32 and already chief at a very respected hospital.  Graduated top of my class with highest honors at a very young age, hence the reason I am already at the top in my field.  I am an only child, grew up reading books and loved science.  My parents are divorced, my wonderful father in which I tend to avoid has a new lady every month.  A successful business man with money to blow on women.  Makes him happy but I want nothing to do with it being most of the women hit on me and only use my father for his money.  What bothers me most is my father knows these women use him, yet, he just shrugs his shoulders. My mother isn’t much better; however, I do love her dearly and only want her happy.  She is on her third marriage and this one is even a bigger douche than her last.  My mother and I are close, we have a good relationship.

My parents are quite lucky in the gene pool, in other words, handsome people at which I am told I got the best genes.

The city Gossip says, ‘I am the most gorgeous eligible bachelor in the city.’   Though I may not have the best relationship status, ok, let’s say I have none.  I haven’t had a girlfriend since high school.  We broke up because I was too focused on my career.  I never bring a date or even a lady friend to events, charity’s, or family functions- not that there’s to many of those.  But being tall, over six feet, beautiful green eyes, golden dirty blonde hair that swipes across my perfect forehead (of course I am reading to you what the column says).  Don’t get me started on my body…. “man, this guy takes care of his shit.” Quote, unquote the article.  ‘Well he is a Doctor, but I mean he is built to perfection.  Tall, lean, strong, and sexy as hell.’  Once again words of a journalist.

Let my day begin.  I am off to the hospital.

#An Accidental Love

authors, books, contemporary fiction, love, readers, relationships, romance, soulmates, writers, young adult


Eeek!  The End has come.  A fair well to my characters.  I guess just not quite yet, I am still editing and proof reading.  The loss I felt when completion started settling in.  I am one who falls in love with the characters we create, yes, I am also the one who cries when writing those words “The End” I know there are a lot of you out there just the same, I am not ashamed.

An Accidental Love, is finished.  Now it is just trying to figure out how to get it out into the real world.

I will post some blurbs here and there on this site for those that are interested in the story, but I am not going to spoil anything. Yes, evil is my middle name.

Look for #An Accidental Love coming soon.

authors, books, contemporary fiction, love, readers, romance, writers, young adult

An Accidental Love

This is my last class for today and I can tell I have no one’s attention.

“OK everyone, I’ll end early today.  Go on, get out of here.  Be safe, and Happy fourth!”  I hear many excited sighs, and rushed eager bodies to get out of the classroom.

“Thanks Miss Wells.  Enjoy your weekend as well.”  An older student returns.

“Thank you.”  I respond back to my thoughtful student.

My car is packed and I am off in my bug.  I love my little black beetle.  I drive a very cool Volkswagen convertible beetle car.  Interior all white, leather white seats, and a soft top, with a click of a button the top folds itself back into a little compartment behind the second seats.  The top is down now with the weather playing nice, stereo blaring ‘Summer of ‘69’ by Bryan Adams.  Finally arriving at my destination, I can hear the loud laughter and yells of conversations going on from the front of the cabin.

Relaxing on my floating device, enjoying the time off, I’m jolted out of my own world.

“Hey Amanda, you look deep in thought.  What are you thinking about?” Says Anna swimming up to rest her elbows on my inner tube.

“Are you not happy?” (well that didn’t work) she asks, scrunching her eye brows together.

“No, no that’s not it at all.  I’m perfectly happy. Doing what I love, living where I love.  I’m young, I’ve got plenty of time to find love.”  I confirm

“Well I wasn’t talking about you finding love. Is this what you’re so deep in thought about?”  I just gaze off, no comment from me.

“OK, sweetheart I’ll back off.  But we all know you landed your dream job.  Talking about two men you love most is truly a great job. Don’t worry honey, one day Mr. Darcy will walk into your life.”  She teased quickly before swimming under the tube so I couldn’t dunk her.

“That’s a cheap blow Anna!  You’re like a pair of twisted undies that crawl up my butt.  Annoying!” I yell at her laughing as soon as she pops up.

“I like that you compared me to your underwear.  This way I know I’m under your skin.”  She slaps back with a splash of water.

“That’s a little too close to my skin, Anna.”  We both are laughing so hard she is having a hard time staying above water.

#AnAccidentalLove  coming soon