An Accidental Love

For one intelligent, beautiful mind, life could be taken all too sudden.  For another master mind may use his power to save a life that is almost seized.

A wonderful weekend with friends, celebrating the 4th of July.  For Amanda this weekend could be her last.  A fun loving teacher waiting for her fate to walk around the corner, love is her destiny, romance in her blood.  Until a life threatening accident puts her life into a man that has no love, no romance in his life.

Dr. Ayden Graham faces the fact that love will never be for him, he is cold and bitter about the whole mushy romance scene, until a life changing accident sends his mind into over drive.  He puts all his strength and time into this patient.  Does love blossom? Does the Doctor believe in fate?  Are his prayers answered?  One thing he knows and is fighting for is for his patient to survive, he needs her to wake up, he needs to tell her one thing he has never felt before.  Could he have fallen in love with his patient while she has been sleeping?