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A beautiful, tragic love story

In this book, An Accidental Love, so many emotions occur twirling our minds, our hearts into over drive.  Close to reality it can hit home and maybe to some it has.  When I wrote this, I wrote it in fear that one day I would be woken to a police officer at my door, delivering the most unbearable news ever.  My husband hit by a drunk driver.  This happens, it’s true.  People drive while under the influence and lives are taken.  My story, is happy filled with anger, hope, and courage.  We all find strength and ask God for help. This book I hope delivers a warm feeling to my readers. It is at a lower price in Amazon Kindle, iBooks, And Smashwords.  Leave a comment I’d love to know how this related to you or made you feel.  Thank you everyone!  An Accidental Love, get your hands on it!

authors, books, contemporary fiction, editors, love, readers, relationships, romance, soulmates, writers

Teaser Tuesday

Jeremy is handsome, intelligent and very funny.  Jeremy is no Mr.Darcy, well not for me. We had a moment, Jeremy and I, a hot moment that had my thoughts drift to a maybe he could be. When he kissed me, that’s when my thoughts drifted to maybe there is a chance for Jeremy. Another farewell kiss and a hug that I  wanted to stay engulfed in and never leave. The last time I saw Jeremy as a maybe was in my review mirror, watching him adjust his erection as I drove away. That’s when my life changed forever. 

An Accidental Love By Samantha Scott live in iBooks and amazon kindle

authors, books, contemporary fiction, love, readers, romance, writers

A Thank you to so many

Well, I can wipe the sweat off my forehead.  Finally, I am able to sit back, let the air out of my lungs.  Trust me when I say, that I have been holding the air in for a while.

Most of you bloggers have no idea what an impact you are for someone like me, just starting off, lost in this world of writing, have no idea what is out there, who to turn too, what to do next.  I appreciate all the posts that have been helping guides for beginning authors.  I went to a lot of sites that many of you post reading how to do this or that. 

 My book is short, a romance.  Definitely not perfect, but to me it’s an accomplishment whether anyone buys it or not.  I did it!  I say that  with the biggest smile!

I will be adding a facebook page as well, come visit me there. @Samantha scott

If you decide to check out An Accidental Love, please let me know what you think, good or bad, it’s the only way I will improve.  I have also started a new series, very excited for this. Look for upcoming posts on that but for now, THANK YOU BLOGGERS, YOU ALL ROCK!  Now go read!

An Accidental Love can be found in iBooks, amazonkindle, smashwords, and B&N nook