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A beautiful, tragic love story

In this book, An Accidental Love, so many emotions occur twirling our minds, our hearts into over drive.  Close to reality it can hit home and maybe to some it has.  When I wrote this, I wrote it in fear that one day I would be woken to a police officer at my door, delivering the most unbearable news ever.  My husband hit by a drunk driver.  This happens, it’s true.  People drive while under the influence and lives are taken.  My story, is happy filled with anger, hope, and courage.  We all find strength and ask God for help. This book I hope delivers a warm feeling to my readers. It is at a lower price in Amazon Kindle, iBooks, And Smashwords.  Leave a comment I’d love to know how this related to you or made you feel.  Thank you everyone!  An Accidental Love, get your hands on it!